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Nomad Institute for Quantum Gravity is dedicated to the exploration of several areas of mathematical-physics, which are closely related to field theories and their quantizations.

  • General Relativity, Differential Geometry, Cartan Geometry, Cosmology
  • Symplectic Geometry, Poisson Geometry, Geometric quantization
  • Dynamical Field Theory, multisymplectic Geometry, Covariant Phase Space.
  • Quantum gravity, Loop quantum gravity,
  • Quantization of higher symplectic geometry and higher Geometric structures.
  • 4-plectic and 10-plectic gravity, Observables for higher Einstein-Cartan gravity
  • Pre-Canonical higher quantum gravity
  • Algebraic Quantum Field Theory, QFT on curved space-times
  • Algebraic Geometry-Topology, Variational bicomplex, Variational Sequences

Nomad activities:

  • [Current] Develop collaborative tools for research in mathematical-physics and the related editiorial aspect of such reasearch.
  • [June 2015] Creation of Nomad Institute for Quantum Gravity, an informal institute devoted to explore new roads to QG
  • [March 2015] Creation of NOMAD Press entity, an informal publisher dedicated to explore new ways (in particular in connection with the numerical revolution) to diffuse knolwedge, and catalyze independent and efficient research.


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Current research: higher symplectic gravity, crystallization of space time:

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