Nomad Institute

Geometry, Algebra, Mathematical-Physics, Bio-visions

Nomad Institute (NI)

NI is dedicated to :

  • organize, diffuse and crystallize research on the foundations of Geometry, Algebra, Mathematical-Physics and Cosmology
  • provide some bridge between Mathematical-Physics and others domains, in particular Bio-Visions and Green Mathematics.

Up to date, NI is composed of the following entities :

  • Nomad Institute for Quantum Gravity
  • Nomad Network

Nomad Institute for Quantum Gravity (NIQG)

Unfold the alphabet of space, time, and matter

Nomad Network (NN)

NN is an entity dedicated to explore numerical ways to diffuse open knowledge and catalyze open, independent and efficient research and collaborative tools for research in Natural Philosophy and their related Bio-Visions.

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